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Find Enrichment                                       Education is thenkoint dthlienfgilloifnag folfaamvee,ssel—Socrates

Academic Challenge                                    Benefits of Academic Challenge
What is academic challenge?
                                                      •	 Strengthened problem-solving and research skills
The Academic Challenge Program assists high-          •	 Opportunities to study advanced concepts
ability, high-achieving students in achieving their   •	 Improved ability to handle the demands of and academic program
learning goals. Eligible students tend to remember    •	 Improved ability to recognize and affirm existing knowledge and skills
with little practice, work and learn quickly, under-
stand abstract relationships, generate ideas, show    Program Delivery
curiosity and strong interests. They may also ap-
pear self-directed and/or highly perceptive.          •	 Flexible instruction and pacing that matches students’ academic needs,
                                                         abilities and goals
At Ottewell, students are clustered for their core
subjects while participating in option classes ac-    •	 In-depth study of complex and challenging assignments
cording to their personal choices. Teachers of these  •	 Demonstrate knowledge and skills through a variety of learning
students build a differentiated classroom that in-
cludes elements specifically tailored to meeting         activities
the needs of a range of high ability learners. Our    •	 Supportive environment consisting of other high-achieving students
Challenge Program adheres to a standard set of
expectations including key program elements and       For additional information about our Academic Challenge Program,
student goals. Programming directions are based       learn about entrance criteria or to arrange for an assessment please visit
on current research and literature in the area of programs or contact Mrs. Andriachuk
gifted education.                                     at

                                                      Did you know that students in Ottewell’s
                                                      AC program are expected to complete:

                                                      Cross-curricular projects such as:  Curricular enrichment field trips such as:

                                                      •	 Genius Hour                      •	 River Watch (rafting on the North
                                                      •	 Expedition to Mars                  Saskatchewan River)
                                                      •	 Renaissance fair
                                                      •	 Rube Goldberg Machine            •	 Royal Tyrrell Museum
                                                      •	 Dragon’s Den                     •	 Reynolds Alberta Museum
                                                      •	 Math fair                        •	 Law Courts Building

                                                      •	 Make a Monster                   Just to name a few!

“Where Excellence Is The Standard”
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