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Find Achievement                                                               Awards and Recognition

We are extremely proud of our students and their success at Ottewell. Year     Outstanding effort and achievement by
over year our students continue to achieve very high results with more than    students are recognized at the end of each
75% of students maintaining an average of 75% or above in their core classes.  reporting period and at our awards ceremony
These excellent results are due to hard work by our students, the outstanding  at the end of the year. Awards are presented
job done by our staff, and by the support of parents and caregivers at home.   for academic achievement in core and option
                                                                               courses, effort, citizenship, and outstanding
For more information about our achievement please visit our website at         performance. These awards are a part of or our school profile at        Ottewells’ rich tradition and history.
                                                                               Major awards include:
Ottewell School Provincial Achievement Test 2016-2017                          Myrna Andruko Outstanding Leadership Award

                           Standard of Excellence                              Presented to the grade nine student who has
                                                                               demonstrated dynamic leadership at Ottewell
Grade 9 Language Arts  Grade 9 Math  Grade 9 Science  Grade 9 Social
                                                                               Mike Bulat Memorial Award
                       Acceptable Standard
                                                                               Presented to the grade nine student who has made an
Grade 9 Language Arts  Grade 9 Math  Grade 9 Science  Grade 9 Social           outstanding contribution to Ottewell School

                Ottewell  District  Province                                Jane Klaray Memorial Award
                                                                               Presented to the most improved Grade 9 student

                                                                               Outstanding Citizenship Award (Grades 7,8,9)

                                                                               Presented to students who best exemplify the qualities
                                                                               of outstanding citizens

                                                                               E.Mercer Memorial Award

                                                                               Awarded for excellence in Mathematics

                                                                               David Finkleman Memorial Award

                                                                               Presented for excellence in Drama

                                                                               Music Awards:

                                                                                   Jazz Band Award
                                                                                   Most Outstanding Musician
                                                                                   Most Promising Musician

                                                                               Female and Male Athlete of the year

                                                                               Presented to the top athletes in the school

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