Flip Book Online: Pricing

FBO - Classic
The total cost for one Flip Book purchasing is $ 99.00 (depending on your country of origin, taxes might apply). Your payment is processed online using a credit card or PayPal, and the Flip Book is yours immediately after the online payment. The price includes:

  • The published link of your Flip Book, which will be valid for one year.
  • A thumbnail of your first Flip Book page to present your Flip Book in your own web page.
  • Free hosting for one year in Flip Book Online’s servers as a welcome bonus.

Tips: If you wish to keep your Flip Book after the one year completion, the hosting fee will be only $ 20 per year.

You are welcome to upload up to 5 PDF files at the same time!

The price is $ 99.00 per publication, but if you are planning to publish more than 5 PDF files, special prices will be provided. In that case, please contact us on info@flip-book-online.com

FBO - Extras
Our Flip Book Online solution supports the following additional functions, upon request:

  1. Flash animations
    We can create all types of flash animations in order to enrich your Flip Book.
  2. Video display
    We can embed a video of your choice in the pages of your Flip Book.
  3. Custom template
    We can create a custom template for you that will cover your needs.
  4. Single page view
    We can create a custom Flip Book view if you wish to toggle your Flip Book between single page and double page view.
  5. Mini Flip Book version
    We can create a mini version of your Flip Book if you want to embed it into a small area of your web site directly, without showing toolbar.