The Partouche Family Of Casinos In The Sights

In 2010, the legalization of internet gaming gave the opportunity to gaming platforms to operate legally on French territory. All in all, it is more than 5 billion euros that were wagered between 2010 and 2012 by French players just concerning online poker.

Arjel recently investigated a case that is starting to make a lot of noise. Last year, a poker player under the pseudonym “Yozenou” deposited in 2011 a total of 175 euros of personal money into his Partouche poker account. It seems that he would have received free Passes offered by the Partouche group so that he could play with ease.

Passes of up to an amount of 36,000 euros which were offered free of charge by the casino could soon have repercussions. With this money, it seems that the player has filled his pockets well and made several recoveries of funds through his bank account.

But now, YOZENOU would seem to belong to the Partouche family. It is Katy Yozenou who would have opened the way for him to play for free on the Internet.

Unfortunately, today, the regulation of online games is getting involved and wants explanations. The director of the Partouche group is rather very sensitive and receptive to the accusations made to him. ”I am not confirming to you that this is an account of an officer or an employee of Partouche. Anyway, whether it’s Monsieur Zenou or Patrick Partouche, if they want to play online. They are not included in the ban on gambling, because neither of them chairs the group’s supervisory board ”

The Partouche group has just been slapped on the fingers by the Minister of the Interior in warning that no member of the family can graciously obtain a pass or an advantage suggesting that he is much more favored than a other player. Everyone should be equal.

The Partouche group was also restored to order in September 2012 on the tournament which had been organized at CANNES concerning its catch pool of 5 million euros. It turned out that the company paid a lot more than what the law had foreseen. After the official closure, a few days ago of his poker site. The Partouche group reaffirms its fatigue on the taxes and restrictions that are added each year by the State which holds them in close combat.

Nearly 10 player accounts belonging to group employees have been identified in the database of Partouche casinos. ARJEL seized the Paris prosecutor’s office. An dministrative investigation is underway. The Partouche group has a lot to worry about. A summons of leaders and officials by an investigating judge will take place soon to determine whether legal consequences will take place or not.

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